Masks 1989 Ussr Soviet Film Movie Poster French Mystery Cinema Journalist

Masks 1989 Ussr Soviet Film Movie Poster French Mystery Cinema Journalist
Masks 1989 Ussr Soviet Film Movie Poster French Mystery Cinema Journalist

Masks 1989 Ussr Soviet Film Movie Poster French Mystery Cinema Journalist

Original Russian title on the poster. Released title for English speaking countries.

IN: 22 x 34 = CM: 55 x 86. LES FILMS A2, MK2 PRODUCTIONS. Original official Soviet movie poster (issued in a highly limited edition) for the film: Maska. (Original French title " Masques ") - French comedy thriller by Claude Chabrol, released in 1987.

The film took part in the competition program of the 37th Berlin International Film Festival. Young journalist Roland Wolf (Robin Renucci) turns to the popular TV presenter of the retirement entertainment show Christian Leganier (Philippe Noiret) with a proposal to write his biography. Open, mobile and friendly, Leganier agrees with pleasure and invites Wolf to his chic country estate for three days to work together on a book.

In a chic, typically French house, Leganier is served by a group of extravagant characters, including his secretary and maid Colette (Monique Chaumette [en]), her husband, chauffeur and cook, dumb Max (Pierre-Fran├žois Dumenio [fr]), herbal masseuse a fortune teller (Bernadette Lafon) with her wine-addicted husband. But the main surprise for Wolf was the young and beautiful goddaughter of Leganier named Katrin (Anna Brochet), who, after suffering a mental illness, suffers from poor health and is under constant care of Colette.

Catherine's parents died in a car accident when she was still a child, and Leganier took full custody of her. It soon turns out that writing the book was just a pretext, and Roland's true goal was to find his mysteriously missing sister Madeleine.

Madeleine was a friend of Catherine, lived in Leganier's house for three months, and then disappeared, leaving a note that she had left for the Seychelles. Taking advantage of his position and the trust of Leganier, Roland gets into his safe and finds documents there, according to which all Leganier's wealth is based on the property of Katrin's parents, which he appropriated for himself as her guardian. A close, romantic relationship is established between Roland and Catherine.

Roland explains to Catherine that Madeleine did not leave, but was killed by Leganier, as she guessed about his machinations, and Leganier herself is specially poisoning her with pills in order to paralyze her will and prevent her from understanding the situation. On the advice of Roland, Catherine stops taking the food and medicine given by Kollet, and she immediately feels much better. It turns out that she is quite healthy - she sunbathes in the sun and is going to Paris for shopping. Legonier sees that Roland knows too much and becomes dangerous, and is in a hurry to send him out of the house. Even more, Legonier worries about Katrin's improved condition, and he, along with Colette and Max, gives her a paralyzing injection, ties her up, puts her in the trunk of an old Cadillac and sends her to the junkyard. Moments before the Cadillac was supposed to go under pressure, Roland manages to stop the work and save Catherine. Together with the police, they come to the television studio directly to the recording of the next Leganier television program.

After seeing Catherine live and realizing that he has lost, Leganier admits his guilt on the air and expresses contempt for his TV program and his audience. VASILIEVA-LINETSKAYA LYUDMILA KIRILLOVNA (1947 -) 1947 Born in Kharkov.

1967 Graduated from the Kharkov Art School. She designed theatrical performances, created theatrical posters, movie posters, book illustrations, trademarks, videotape covers. 1980s -1991 She made posters for Reklamfilm.

She also signed her works with the pseudonym MABRI and the sign "B". Year of joining the Moscow Union of Artists - 1986. A native of the city of Kharkov, which she had long abandoned. A theater artist by education. She graduated from the art school at home and the Studio School / university / at the Moscow Art Theater.

Later she studied film poster - from the Honored Artist of Russia Miron Lukyanov, painting - from her own perseverance, easel graphics - from frivolity. Exhibited "in groups" and "personally". Collaborates with the gallery of Polina Lobachevskaya.

Original title on the poster. Mention details and specifications that you believe are relevant to your buyers.

CHANTSEV ALEXANDER VASILIEVCIH (1949 - 2002). Alexander Chantsev was born in 1949 in the city of Torun, Poland. In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (formerly the Stroganov School) with a degree in Artistic Ceramics. The second prize of the International Olympic Poster Competition in 1980 gave impetus to the work in the poster genre. Several years of fruitful work in the circus poster followed, and during this period the individual style and technique of Alexander Chantsev gradually developed.

In 1989 he was admitted to the Union of Artists. The film posters brought the artist international fame. Solo exhibitions of film posters by Alexander Chantsev took place in Rome in 1991 (together with Yuri Boxer) as part of the exhibition of Soviet film posters, which was held in the largest exhibition hall of the city - Palazzo delle Esposizioni. In 2001, an exhibition of movie posters by Chantsev, Boxer and Maistrovsky was held in the city of Tavira (Portugal). Alexander Chantsev took part in the largest exhibitions of Soviet and Russian posters, regularly participated in international biennials in Warsaw, Lahti, Colorado, Brno, took part in a poster exhibition in the Louvre (1989), the International Poster Festival in Chaumont, France (1991), in the exhibitions " Russian social poster "in the USA (1991-92), Perestroika.

Glasnost in Japan (1991-92), was awarded with diplomas of various competitions, a diploma of the finalist of the European competition of advertising EPICA in Paris (1992). Exhibitions of posters, in which Alexander Chantsev participated, have traveled almost all over the world, the originals and prints have ended up in the most famous galleries and in private collections in the USA, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. However, the rise of poster art, which took place thanks to perestroika and the resulting freedom, gradually ended, and interest in the poster was largely lost. New times have come when the emerging market relations have made completely different demands on artists.

I had to master new genres - advertising booklets, annual reports, logos, corporate styles - and face a different customer. For the last seven years of his life, Alexander Chantsev was engaged in the design of exhibition stands, working as the art director of the Expoline company. It was a new business, and gradually the festive atmosphere of the exhibitions captured Alexander Chantsev entirely. Possessing tremendous efficiency and real professionalism, he managed to create many interesting exhibition stands for such companies as Lucent Technologies, Avaya, Alcatel, A&T Trade, KRKA, Shreya, Orimi Trade, Sunway, Mobile TeleSystems. Nevertheless, in Russia and the world, Alexander Chantsev is known primarily as a brilliant poster artist who belonged to a remarkable generation of artists.

And the soft, good-natured humor of his circus posters, the philosophical metaphors of the movie posters, the sharp, satirical images of political posters will forever remain in our memory. YALTA HOTEL YALTA INTOURIST WELCOMES YOU! Come to us in the USSR! - the meaning of the posters issued by the firm "Intourist" was advertising of tourist trips for foreign citizens beyond the "Iron Curtain". Yalta Hotel - is still working nowadays under the same name.

In: 16x26 - cm: 40x60. This item is in the category "Art\Art Posters".posters" and is located in this country: US.

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Masks 1989 Ussr Soviet Film Movie Poster French Mystery Cinema Journalist