1. Vintage MID Century Framed Townscape Oil Painting French Town
  2. Vintage French Oil Painting, Locronan Church Brittany, Signed De Mascarel, 1946
  3. Original vintage poster SUAVIGNON FRENCH WHITE WINE c. 1930
  4. Large Vintage French Market Scene Oil Painting by Felix Tiso 1909-1979
  5. Vtg Signed Poster Playbil French LES BALLETS DE PARIS ART Painting Roland Petit
  6. Original vintage poster SAY FRENCH FARM ANIMAL FOOD c. 1935
  7. Vintage Antique Russian French Ww2 Expressionist Abstract Modernism Surrealist
  8. France French Paris Painting Vintage Street Scene Antique Advertising
  9. Tea Dance 1920s 30s 40s Vintage Tea Party Afternoon Tea Dance Music Retro Wedding Tunes
  10. Vintage Old framed British or French large Oil Painting Policeman Police History
  11. Marcel Bloch (1882-1966), Vintage French Painting, Couple, Paris, Bohême, Signed
  12. Vintage Original French Association National Feline (Cat) Poster Lithograph 1984
  13. Vintage French Expressionist Oil Painting, Bouquet Flowers Vase Tulips, Signed
  14. Original vintage poster VENUS FRENCH PERFUMERY c. 1985
  15. AP Lambert Oil Painting Parisian View French Framed Vintage Mid-Century 1950-60s
  16. Vintage French Oil Painting, Autumn Landscape, River, Boat, Farm
  17. Vintage picasso style painting on canvas madonna mother and child jesus French
  18. 23 Vintage Watercolor Paris France City View Eiffel Tower Seine River Wall Art
  19. Vintage French Oil Painting, Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Booksellers, Signed
  20. Vintage French Oil Painting Landscape Signed
  21. French Horn Vintage Original USSR Soviet Brass Musical Wind Instrument
  22. Vintage French Convex Enamel Painting Art Betourne Limoges-J. P. Loup
  23. Vintage French Framed Oil Painting On Carboard, French Riviera, Signed
  24. Original vintage poster ROSE FRENCH WINE COACHMEN c. 1940
  25. Original Vintage Labourier Le Tracteur Tractor Advertising Poster 40s French
  26. Original vintage poster JEAN PROUVE FRENCH ARCHITECT EXPO 1978
  27. Vintage Hand Made French Design Wool Black Green Original Aubusson 372X270cm
  28. Vintage French Oil Painting, Horse and Dogs, Puppies, Signed Chevalier
  29. French Impressionist Street Scene, Vintage Oil Painting, Signed and Framed
  30. Vintage Hand Made French Design Wool Brown Pink Original Aubusson 350X256cm
  31. Vintage French Oil Painting, Seascape, Atlantic Coast, Brittany, Chateau, Signed
  32. Vintage Hand Made French Design Wool Beige Pink Original Aubusson 372X270cm
  33. ORIGINAL/VTG BALLY SHOES fashion Poster 1963 French RARE
  34. Vintage Hand Made French Design Wool Green Beige Original Aubusson 305X243cm
  35. Original Vintage French Some Like It Hot Marilyn Monroe Poster Linen Backed
  36. French Portrait Painting Signed J. Pellerin, Style of Jean Gabriel Domergue
  37. Roger Deverin (1884-1973), Vintage French Oil Painting Romanesque Church, Signed
  38. FOLIES BERGERES cabaret original vintage SMALL french poster'70s ASLAN
  39. Masks 1989 Ussr Soviet Film Movie Poster French Mystery Cinema Journalist
  40. Shop The Sale With Me At The Antique Gallery Iconic I Love Lucy Dishes And Treasures Galore
  41. Vintage French Paris City Painting MID Century Portrait Social Urban 1950's
  42. Vintage Hand Made French Design Original Wool Green Aubusson Tapestry 165X182cm
  43. Decorating My Victorian Studio Stories Of Unusual Antiques
  44. Vintage Hand Made French Design Wool White Grey Blue Original Aubusson 310X245cm
  45. French Music Popular French Songs French Music MIX Best Of French Songs 2021 French MIX
  46. Vintage French Oil Painting, Chateau de Roquefère South of France Castle, Signed
  47. Vintage 20C French oil painting antique
  48. Paris Havre New York French State Railways Vintage Albert Sebille Travel Poster
  50. Vintage Film Highlighting Classic Bodybuilders French
  51. Vintage French Oil Painting, Paris Sacré-Cour Basilica Montmartre Winter, Signed
  52. Monaco Grand Prix 1985 Vintage French Race Poster On Linen Excellent Original
  53. Original Vintage c. 1930 French Flan Dessert Poster Linen Backed
  54. Leonor Fini, Very Rare Vintage Lithograph, Vesper Express, French Art Litho 1980
  55. Why Is Euro 2000 The Most Beautiful Competition In History
  56. Vintage French Impressionist Painting on Board Paris Street Scene Signed
  57. Antique Vintage Modern French Impressionist Seascape Oil Painting Audrey 50s
  58. Vintage French Gouache Painting, Landscape, Shepherd, Sheep, Haystacks, Signed
  59. Le Corre (1901-1991) Vintage French Oil Painting, Paris, Flower Seller, Signed
  60. Vintage French Oil Painting Bouquet of Flowers, Yolande Feret (1925-2020) Signed
  61. Aurelie Bidermann Shops Vintage French Clothes
  62. Maurice Tisseyre (1920-2017), Vintage French Oil Painting Marne River Salon 1951
  63. Vintage Original French Astailor Car Poster On Linen. 1920s
  64. Vintage French Watercolor, Harbor with Boats, French Riviera or Italy, Signed
  65. Vintage pair of paintings, French Paris street scenes 17 1/2 x 30 bazzi
  66. French Farmhouse Landscape Oil Painting Framed Signed
  67. Lavender Fields Painting Floral Art French Landscape Framed Signed
  68. RARE Vintage Modern French Impressionist Cityscape Oil Painting, Andre Boyer
  69. Vintage MID Century French Modernist Signed Watercolour, Parisian Boulevard
  70. RARE Vintage Mid Century Modern French Impressionist Oil Painting Levy Alvy
  71. Vintage Card Players Poker Game Men Portrait Expressionist French Italian
  72. Original vintage poster BOURGOGNE LHOTE FRENCH WINE c. 1930
  73. Vintage 1957 French Bal Du Moulin Rouge Paris Show Poster, 72x52cm Pierre O'Kley
  74. Vintage Original Charles Cobelle Paris Street Scene Gouache Watercolor Listed
  75. Vintage French Oil Painting Seascape Seaport Brittany Boats Sailboats Signed
  76. Large French Vintage Oil painting Georgian Court scene European P. Rozieres
  77. Vintage French Oil Painting Naïve Folk Art, Wedding, Mediterranean Landscape
  78. Best Relaxing U0026 Romantic MIX Old French Songs
  79. Best Of Vintage French Music U0026 Vintage French Jazz Music Playlist
  80. French Vintage MID Century Expressionism Nude & Portrait Painting 1968 Art
  82. Vintage French Oil Painting, Montmartre, Paris, Cabaret Au Lapin Agile, Signed
  83. Vintage French Oil Painting Naïve Folk Art, Normandy, After Claude Monet, Signed
  84. Vintage 1986 Robert Combas Leo Castelli Ny Exhibition Gallery Advertising Poster
  85. Original vintage poster FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORIES EXPO 1940
  86. Vintage French Oil Painting, Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, Signed Chantemer
  87. Rene Margotton French Antique Modern Abstract Impressionist Oil Painting Vintage
  88. 60 Fps A Trip Through Paris France In Late 1890s Un Voyage   Travers Paris 1890
  89. Vintage French Oil Painting on Canvas, Bouquet Wild Flowers, Poppies, Still Life
  90. Vintage French Artist H. Lemon Oil Painting of a Paris Street scene Framed
  91. Vintage French Watercolor, Village, River, Stone Bridge, South of France, Signed
  92. Vintage French Oil Painting, Doll and Teddy Bear, Toys, Signed
  93. Favor Cycles Velomoteurs Motos Original French 1938 Vintage Advertising Poster
  94. Vintage French Oil Painting Seascape Boats Dieppe Normandy Signed Delmache
  95. Vintage French Miniature Portrait King Louis XVI Signed Convex Dome Glass Art 6
  96. Vintage Original French/Italian Pasta Poster By Pinetti Lithograph 1930s
  97. Antiques Capital Of Colorado Antique Shopping In Florence Co Shop With Me
  98. Vintage Modern Abstract Expressionist Roger Etienne French Oil Painting 1978
  99. Original Vintage Abstract Oil Painting Michael French Signed Modernist
  100. Fine Vintage Original Watercolour (Pochoir) Signed Mce TAQUOY Shooting Party
  101. Original Vintage George Doeuillet French Paris Fashion Poster Mounted on Canvas
  102. Original Vintage Poster Chess Lepas French Games 1990 Art Deco
  103. Vintage French Miniature Portrait Katerina Rosa Botsaris Convex Dome Glass Art
  104. Vintage French Oil Painting, Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, Red, Yellow, Signed
  105. Original Vintage Poster MOET & CHANDON CHAMPAGNE French Food Liquor LINEN
  106. Vintage French Oil Painting Landscape Signed
  107. MID Century Postmodern 80s French Colorful Surrealism Vintage Painting Signed
  108. Vintage U0026 Antiques Thrifting At A Flea Market Haul Old Trivet With Music Box 24
  109. French Riviera Town Sailing Boats MID Century Vintage Painting By Rudzik 66
  110. Finest Vintage French Music U0026 Vintage French Jazz Music For Cafe Remix
  111. Vintage French Oil Painting Landscape Signed
  112. Vintage French Oil Painting, Mediterranean Seascape Boats, Signed Maurice Herry
  113. MOULIN ROUGE FRENESIE cabaret original vintage LARGE french poster GRUAU 1980
  114. MID Century Postmodern 80s French Colorful Surrealism Vintage Painting Signed
  115. Vintage French Oil Painting, Bouquet of Flowers, Blue Vase, Signed Curti, 1960
  116. Vintage French Watercolor, Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, Framed, Signed
  117. Vintage French Watercolor, Village, River, Stone Bridge, South of France, Signed
  118. Vintage French Oil Painting on Canvas, Street Musicians, Violin Players, Signed
  119. Vintage French Gouache Painting Ballerina, Dancer, Ballet, Frame Mirror, Signed
  120. Vintage French Oil Painting Spring Landscape Saint-Rémy Chevreuse, Signed, 1944
  121. C. 1970 Fromages de France French Cheese Map Poster Vintage Original
  122. Old Vintage Oil on Canvas Painting French School Framed Signed L. Potronat 20thC
  123. Original Vintage Tennis Poster by De Maria 1989 for French Open Roland Garros
  124. Vintage Old French Platform Escapement Carriage Mantle Clock Needs Service
  125. Antique French Oil Painting BALLERINA DANCER signed
  126. Yvette Bossière (1926), Vintage French Oil Painting, Nude Woman, Model, Signed
  127. Old Vintage Original Watercolor Painting French School by Matteo Brondy 20th C
  128. Original Vintage Poster Eden Oriental French Phonograph Telephone 1895
  129. Large Vintage French Oil Painting Landscape Provence Village Cypress Tree Signed
  130. Vintage French Oil Painting, Portrait of a Cat, Kitten, Signed
  131. Le Journal Amusant French Vintage Magazine 1926 Bound Year of Issues Very Rare
  132. Germaine Michelet, Vintage French Oil Painting, Bouquet of Flowers, Signed, 1970
  133. Vintage Post-Impressionist Oil Painting French Cityscape UZERCHE CORREZE Signed
  134. Vintage French Oil Painting, Head of a Horse, Flowers, Signed Chevalier
  135. Vintage Sculpture Marco De Gueltzl Character Glass Plate French Signed Rare 1989
  136. Victor-Jean Desmeures (1895-1978), Vintage French Impressionist Oil Painting
  137. Original vintage poster, LANGUEDOC SNCF FRENCH RAILWAYS J. CAVAILLES 1955
  138. Vintage Watercolour Village ST Julie France Autumn Scene Signed EM Southby
  139. French Cafe Accordion Romantic French Music Jazz U0026 Bossa Nova
  140. Original vintage poster APPLE CIDER FRENCH FARMERS CHEERS c. 1930
  141. Vintage French Oil Painting, Chateau of Sully, Loire Valley, Signed René Gaucher
  142. Vintage Modern French Abstract Cubist Mystery Painting, Paris 1987
  143. Vintage Crystal Sevres Vase De Glass Svres Signed French Bouquets Amber Flower
  144. Vintage French Original Oil Painting Parisian View AP Lambert Framed 1950-60s
  145. Vintage Artist Signed Original Art Painting French Cityscape
  146. Vintage Oil Painting Signed By French Artist Moncrief
  147. Anne Lamy Vintage French Impressionist Oil Painting Art Nouveau Modern Abstract
  149. Antique to Vintage French Oil Painting in Expressionist Era Manner, Frame, c1920
  150. A Taste Of La Vie De Ch Teau The Collection Of Jean Louis Remilleux Christie S
  151. Vintage Primavera Vase Pearly Shape Atelier Ceramic French Pottery Art Deco Rare
  152. Original vintage poster SEXY FRENCH LINGERIE ATHENA c. 2003
  153. Original vintage poster SNCF FRENCH RAILWAYS LADY 1977
  154. Original vintage poster CARIBBEANS ANTILLES FRENCH LINE STEAMER c. 1935
  155. French Country Old World Bookshelf Inspiration Creative Decorating With Vintage Finds
  156. Vintage French School Gouache Figures On A Beach In Summer C1950 56cm x 41cm
  157. Vintage French Watercolour On Paper Nude Woman, Signed By Artist In Paris In1947
  158. Les Amours D'Eve Original French Vintage Poster Lithograph by Paul Colin 1950's
  159. Vintage Original Oil Canvas Artwork T. E. Penck (French, b 1929) Paris Street COA
  160. Vintage French Oil Painting, Three Horses, Landscape, Signed Chevalier
  161. Vintage French Oil Painting, Landscape, Forest, Woods
  162. 1936 Original French Art Deco Travel Poster, Lourdes, Vintage French Travel
  163. Original vintage poster LIP CLASSIC FRENCH WATCH c. 1950
  164. Original 1932 Vintage French Art Deco Alcohol Poster, Fred-Zizi Aperitif Ad
  165. Original Vintage French Fix-Masseau Orient Express Paris Poster Linen Backed
  166. Vintage French Oil Painting on Canvas, Nude Woman, Signed Lefort
  167. Vintage 50s Art Etching Signed DESHAYEL Old Europe Medieval Castle Architecture
  168. 1940s Original French Advertising Poster Frigo Sibir
  169. Playlist Waking Up In Paris French
  170. Original 1922 Asti Spumante, Fiorino by Jean d' Ylen, Vintage, Deco
  171. Vintage French Painting on Cabinet Door, Loft Design, Nude Woman, Signed
  172. French Sailing Original Painting Windsurfing Nautical Art Framed St Tropez Beach
  173. Guest MIX 60 S French Beat Garage And Y Y On Vinyl With Can Plak
  174. VINTAGE French 20th Century PIERRE DU BOIS Oil on Canvas IMPRESSIONIST Landscape
  175. Vintage French Minimal Synthpop 1980
  176. Original Vintage Poster Goodfellas Movie Mafia Mob Huge French 1990 Warner Bros
  177. Pair Antique to Vintage French Market Oil Painting Pair, in Wood Frames
  178. Vintage Best Of Deep House French Music 50s U0026 80s Hits Remix Fran Ais 2018 By Genvis
  179. Vintage French Oil Painting, Horse and Dogs, Puppies, Signed Chevalier
  180. Vintage Original 1954 Watercolor Illustration by French Artist Jean Pages Listed
  181. Portrait of HOVAWART Breed Dog Vintage French Oil Painting Signed C. 1950
  182. Vintage French modernist gouache collage painting music concert poster
  183. Vintage Parrot Perched French Original Oil Painting by Roger LAFFAGE Framed
  184. Vintage French Oil Painting Sacré Cour Basilica Montmartre Church Paris Signed
  185. Vintage Post-Impressionism Oil Painting French Cityscape Signed Circa 1950
  186. Vintage Oil Painting French Landscape The HENRI IV Bridge CHATELLERAULT VIENNE
  187. Rossignol Roureillier Oge Hachette 1960s Rare School Posters CHOICE
  188. Original vintage poster ZELLVAG STOCKINGS FRENCH BULLY c. 1925
  189. La Vie Parisienne French Chansons From The 1930s U0026 40s Edith Piaf Reinhardt U0026 Grappelli
  190. Original vintage poster FRENCH WINE MONOPOLE FARMER c. 1950
  191. Vintage French Oil Painting, Bormes-les-Mimosas Provence, French Riviera, Signed
  192. Vintage French Abstract Gouache Painting
  193. Roger Etienne French Oil Painting 1973 Vintage Modern Abstract Expressionist
  194. Vintage French water colour Voiles pres du port. Signed
  195. French Impressionist Landscape Painting Original Oil Framed Signed 1930 Vintage